Masoud Ghandehari serves on the New York University Faculty of Engineering as associate professor of Urban Systems Engineering at NYU Tandon and at the Center for Urban Science and Progress, where he works on the applications of advanced instrumentation and data analysis targeting the aging, health and performance of infrastructure systems. He in interested in research methods that helps better understand the interaction of physical, natural and human systems. His research in optical spectroscopy, sensing, imaging, and data analytics in the field of sustainability has been applied to diverse environments and multiple scales; ranging from the molecular to the urban landscape. His recent book is entitled Optical Phenomenology and Applications: Health Monitoring for Infrastructure Materials and the Environment, published by Springer Verlag in 2018.

Ph.D.        Northwestern University, Civil & Environmental Eng., 1998
M.S.          McGill University, Civil Engineering, 1993
B.S.           Columbia University, Civil Eng. & Applied Mechanics, 1988

Professional Appointments
New York Unic, Associate Prof, Tandon School of Eng, 2008 – Pres
New York Univ, Associated Prof, Ctr for Urban Science & Progress, 2012 – Pres
New York Univ, Assistant Professor, NYU Polytechnic, 2000 – 2007
Northwestern University, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1998 – 1999
Weidlinger Associates, Project Engineer, 1989 – 1991
Geiger Engineers, Design Engineer, 1988 – 1989

National Science Foundation
CRISP: Integrated Socio-Technical Modeling Framework to Evaluate and Enhance Resiliency in Islanded Communities (ERIC), award # 1832678, 2018-2021

$2,100,000 (NYU share $750,000). Ghandehari Co-PI, Collaboration with PI Jorge Gonzalez (CUNY), Co-PI Agamy Reddy (ASU), and Co-PI Eric Klinenberg (NYU Arts and Science).

IUCRC (Industry University Collaborative Research Center) Planning Grant for: Center for Building Energy Smart Technologies (BEST).
$30,000, 8/2018-12/2018. Full proposal due 12/2018. An East-West Collaborative, BEST East CUNY and NYU (PI Gonzalez Co-PI Ghandehari), BEST West UC Boulder and ASU (PI Krarti, Co-PI Reddy).

Imaging High pH Driven Degradation in Infrastructure Materials, award #1014926, 2010-2013
$400,000 (NYU share $290,000), Ghandehari PI, Collaboration with Co-PI Christian Bruckner (UConn Storrs Chemistry), Co-PI Weihua Jin (NYU Tandon)

Functional Optical Probes for Monitoring the Subsurface Environment, award #0627312, 2007-2008, $45,870, Ghandehari PI, Collaboration with Co-PI Dino Kostarelos (previously at NYU, currently at University of Houston).

International Education: US-Germany Collaboration – Early Detection of Materials Degradation, award #0340606, 2004-2005, $35,600, Ghandehari PI

Optical Chemo Sensing for Civil and Mechanical Systems, award #0215620,
2002-2003, $40,000, Ghandehari PI

Consolidated Edison
Forecasting the NYC Electric Power Infrastructure Needs
$75,000, Ghandehari PI, 2017-2018

Imaging Degradation of Electric Power Infrastructure
$100,000, Ghandehari PI, 2014-2015

Impact of Alternative Deicing Practices on the Electric Power Infrastructure
$30,000, Ghandehari PI, with Ilan Juran (NYU Co-PI), 2013-2014

Network Transformer Infrastructure Failure Modeling
$495,000, Ghandehari Co-PI (NYU share $75,000, with Zivan Zabar, NYU PI), 2012-2015

American International Group (AIG) 
Imaging Traffic Safety Based on Surrogate Measures
$100,000, Ghandehari Co-PI, with Kaan Ozbay (NYU PI), 2016-2017

National Institutes of Health
Sensing Technology for Tracking Subsurface Aerobic Remediation
$100,000, Ghandehari PI, with Mohsen Hossein (Co-PI NYU Tandon) 2014-2016

Gas Research Institute
Imaging System for Early Detection of Damage in Natural Gas Pipelines
$100,000, Ghandehari PI, 2008-2009

Optical Metrology for Methane Gas Leaks Detection
$150,000, Ghandehari PI, 2007-2009

US Department of Housing and Urban Development
New York State Resiliency Institute for Storm Events (NYSRISE) 
$3,200,000, Founding Investigator, Ghandehari, PI role subsequently undertaken by Bud Griffis, NYU Share $1,600,000, collaboration with Minghua Zhang (Co-PI SUNY Stonybrook), 2013-2016

US Department of Transportation
Urban Air Quality Impact of Traffic Congestion
$100,000 Ghandehari PI, with John Falcocchio (NYU Co-PI), 2012-2013

US Department of Energy
Solar Decathlon, Education Innovation on Energy Efficient Building Materials
$246,000, Ghandehari Co-PI (NYU Share $100,000), collaboration with Steven Van Dessel (PI, Worcester Polytechnic), 2013-2014

Government of Singapore
Imaging System for identification of Waterborne Contaminants
$641,000 Ghandehari Co-PI (NYU Share $75,000, work carried out at National University of Singapore), collaboration with Karina Jin, PI NUS, 2010-2012

New York State
Technology Commercialization Grant
$100,000, Ghandehari PI, 2015-2016

New York University
Innovation Grant, Carbon Sequestering with Infrastructure Materials
$62,000, Ghandehari PI, with Weihua Jin (NYU Co-PI), 2010-2011

Pinkerton Foundation
Applied Science Promoting Innovation in Research & Engineering
“Mentoring Program in Science, Technology, Engineering”, Participant in team led by Vikram Kapila (PI NYU Tandon) $399,762, 2013-2015


Masoud Ghandehari
Associate Professor, New York University
Department of Civil and Urban Engineering
15 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, New York 11201, USA
Phone: 718-916-0733
web: masoud ghandehari